About Us

Millennium Engineers Enterprises is a renewable energy start-up company operating in Tanzania. The company was legally registered on 7th June 2016 by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) with registration number 126940.

Our research on the field (renewable energy technologies) has been born from an academic field project in 2015 that was aimed at impacting students with hands on experience in the field of engineering. The project was initiated by the College of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with KTH University. Project activities included the design, manufacturing and installation of a vertical axis wind turbine that was later installed in Katenge primary school in Makambako, Iringa in August 2015. The experience and knowledge obtained led to the interest in wind energy and its power potential. 

In addition, participation in the Dar es Salaam Energy Safari that August, which was an initiative by the Energy Change Lab, a programme of HIVOS and IIED which aimed at better understanding Tanzania’s Energy challenges and how they can be met, bring bright and creative minds together in a community of innovation that lasts beyond the safari and lastly help develop collective problem solving capabilities and skills in the field of energy. The company objective is to create Mini grids in the rural off grid areas solving the major power problems facing many Tanzanian areas. These are the initiatives that led to the establishment of Millennium Engineers Enterprises Ltd. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


To become the leading company that powers homes in Africa with clean energy.


Lighting up Africa by providing reliable, sustainable and cost effective renewable energy solutions delivered with passion, expertise, teamwork and relentless focus on creating value.


The company has managed to achieve the following milestones:

  1.  Obtained national and international business recognition following the MEE Ltd CEO award as the National Student entrepreneur of the year 2016 during the GSEA held in Bangkok, Thailand. The platform exposed the company to an array of business networks and investors.
  2.  Partnership with an Italian company called Ecolibri’ in a hybrid solar and wind power system project in Zanzibar Island. As such MEE Ltd view its partnership with Ecolibri’ as a learning expedition on renewable energy sector covering technology, business and general management. We think this is a necessary path towards building internal capacity and mobilize necessary resources that will enable the company to stand on its own and grow its business on renewable energy segment in Tanzania.
  3.  Secured a high potential customer, the Ocean Group of Hotels (OGH). MEE Ltd in partnership with Ecolibri’ would be installing a hybrid power system in one of their hotels the “Sea View Hotel” as proof of concept for the solution and a way to build up the business model to scale up.
  4.  Participation in the Swaziland International Fair Trade SIFT, August 2016 in collaboration with our International partners. As the overall technical team for our partners African project, we where able to perform all the equipment installation, commercialize the products and supervise the exhibition.
  5.  Presentation at the Charles Mott Foundation Trustee meeting in Flint, Michigan as a guest speaker. As a startup company we elaborated the investment potential in the energy sector in Tanzania, business opportunities in the sector, challenges young entrepreneurs and startups like ourselves face in the sector and finally what should be done to assist and sustain entrepreneurship in the sector.
  6.  Selected to participate in the Autumn School for Sustainable Entrepreneurship held in Berlin, Germany November. It a program for young change makers from African countries and Germany organised by ASA program within the framework to the African German Youth Initiative (AGYI). Their vison is to create a platform for network of sustainable entrepreneurs who think and learn globally. As the only Tanzanian company selected for the event, we look forward to represent our country and adding value to the global platform.
  7.  Selected to participate in the Global Impact Acceleration Program- Slush held in Helsinki, Finland. The program brings impactful entrepreneurs from emerging markets to accelerate their business, attract additional financing and make even greater impact on their societies and beyond. The program includes online pre-event coaching and Helsinki boot camp program. As one of the two companies selected from Tanzania, we look forward to this opportunity as another step forward in achieving our company mission.

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